Step to a Higher Level

Fengjie Navel Orange

10th January 2018


Step to a Higher Level-1


A few days ago, on the Fengjie Navel Orange National Production Marketing and Garden Opening Ceremony, the only seed tree fruit of Fengjie navel oranges was on the scene auction, finally clinching a deal for 120,000 yuan. Exactly like the seed tree, the price of Fengjie navel oranges have risen constantly year after year and has become a major economic pillar of the county's hundreds of thousands of fruit farmers who have benefited from income growth.

Step to a Higher Level-2


In 2017, the production of navel orange in Fengjie will reach 300,000 tons, with an estimated output value up to 2.4 billion yuan and an output value of 8 yuan per kilogram, which is truly bringing green ecology benefits to the economy.


On mention of Fengjie, the famous Kuimen stands for its image representative, but that’s old story for Fengjie travel. Fengjie is making full efforts to create "Baidi City Qutang Gorge" national 5A level scenic area, "Heaven Dragon & Phoenix Scenic Spot" world geological park, "Baidi City Grand Site" world cultural heritage, creating National-level tourism demonstration area and the Three Gorges tourist destination.

Step to a Higher Level-3


Currently, Fengjie County is well-known for six iconic symbols: one city - a national scenic area national key cultural relics protection units, the national first batch of 4A-level scenic ,Baidi City;
one banknote - the background of 10 yuan is Kuimen; one pit - the world's largest sky pit, "Xiaozhai Tiankeng"; one seam - the world's longest seam "Tianjin Gorge Seam"; one river - the world's longest underground river "Dragon Bridge River";
one characteristic - a special words for Fengjie in Chinese characters -"夔".


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