Striding Toward A Bigger World

New York Screens Occupied By Chongqing

2th January 2018


An encounter between magnificent Chongqing and dynamic New York. An integration between China and the world.


Globalization, the worldwide trend Originating from the late 19th century Has been contributing for a closer human society And a more intimate friendship between different nations

最初是政治與經濟的交流 繼而拓展到文化領域 當旅遊成為城市乃至國家發展中不容小覷的支柱 一個全新的問題產生了- 如何讓本地旅遊走出去?

Resemble to most phenomena Globalization developed rapidly in politics and economic area But when tourism takes an vital part of progress Both for cities and even countries They’re doomed to face one brand-new challenge: How to introduce local tourism to the entire world?

重慶,一個有山有水的美麗之都 重慶,一個充滿情懷的文化聖地 在2017年的年末跨越海洋 直達美國,空降紐約

Chongqing, a beautiful city surrounded by mountains and rivers Chongqing, a cultural Mecca singing history and old days In the lat days of 2017 She flew across the ocean Arrived at America Landed right in New York

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2017年年底的最後兩天 通常被商業廣告或者時事新聞佔據的 美國紐約街頭的戶外巨型螢幕 被來自重慶的城市旅遊宣傳片刷屏了

Commercial advertisements from food to cloth Up-to-date news from Washington to Iraq The giant outdoor screen in New York Was occupied with something special --- A propaganda film showcasing city tourism Of Chongqing

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長江三峽、火鍋、磁器口 大足石刻、兩江夜景 …… 美麗重慶與活力紐約 中國與世界的交融

The Three Gorges of Yangtze River , Hot Pot, Ciqikou Ancient Town Dazu Rock Carvings, Liangjiang (Yangtze River and Jialing River) night view ... An encounter between magnificent Chongqing and dynamic New York An integration between China and the world

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重慶 再一次以無比美麗、開放的姿態,擁抱世界 讓世界各國遊客瞭解到重慶旅遊的無限魅力

Chongqing reaches out its arms to everyone In a charming and generous way Attracting global tourists with infinite glamour

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重慶旅遊發展概況: 據統計,2017年全市接待遊客5.4億人次,實現旅遊總收入3300億元,同比分別增長20%和25%。 截至今年11月底,接待入境遊客358萬人次,實現旅遊外匯收入19.4億美元,分別增長13%和15%。


Current development situation of Chongqing tourism: According to statistics, in 2017, 540 million tourists paid a visit to Chongqing and contributed for a total of 330 billion yuan tourism revenue, achieving a year-on-year increase of 20% and 25% respectively .

Till the end of November 2017, 3.58 million inbound tourists paid a visit to Chongqing and contributed for 1.94 billion dollars in tourism foreign exchange earnings, achieving an increase up to 13% and 15% respectively.

China Competition Information released the 2017 China 50 most popular tourist cities listing, Chongqing ranks No. 1. According to the socioeconomic impact of Travel & Tourism on cities released by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) in October this year, Chongqing is listed in the world Top 10 fastest growing tourist cities.

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