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Meet With Chongqing At The Times Square

2th January 2018


Chongqing tourism greet a brand-new year with the whole world on the famous“World’s crossroad”

12月31日的零點,我們正式告別了2017 在一片歡樂的倒數中迎來了2018 重慶旅遊來到了美國紐約 在魅力四射的紐約時報廣場 萬眾矚目的“世界十字路口” 與世界共同迎來了嶄新的2018

In the last second of December 31 We said farewell to 2017 And welcome 2018 in joy and laughter Standing on the famous“World’s crossroad”- The glamour New York Times Square Chongqing tourism greet a brand-new year with the whole world

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At America Eastern Standard Time 18:00 on December 31, 2017, the annual New Year countdown event opened to air in New York Times Square.

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This year, as the officially designated cooperation city of New York Times's 2018 New Year Countdown event, Chongqing integrated its tourism image into New York Times Square's New Year countdown celebration scene and displayed the unique charm of "Chongqing, a beautiful city with mountains and rivers" to the onsite audience and global audience in front of TV.

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At that day, New York’temperature went down to minus ten degrees. According to the local media, citizens were going to meet the coldest New Year's Day in the past 50 years. However, nothing will stand in the way of expecting this high-profile carnival.

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Most notably is that staff members were distributing the Chinese red scarf printed with the Chongqing symbol to everybody for free. The plaza was filled with a large piece of Chinese red everywhere.

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At the scene, red scarves with everyone love Chongqing logo spread here and there. Festive and warm atmosphere gradually reached a more intense level.

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At 18 o'clock, while the crystal ball with 2668 inlays slowly rose, the festival event officially announced the beginning.


Under the co-chairmanship of Li Li, the executive vice president of the Sino-American Friendship Association, and the famous host Allison, Zhang Qiyue, the ambassador of the Chinese Consulate General in New York, Liu Qi, director of the Chongqing Tourism Bureau, and Zhang Jinping, president of the Sino-American Friendship Association came together to the stage center. Zhang and Liu expressed the New Year's greetings in both English and Chinese respectively and sent their best wishes to China and to Chongqing.

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15-meter Tongliang Dragon said hi to the world


As to Chinese, the most anticipated show belonged to the performance of Tongliang Dragon Dance Team. In the nearly 6-minute period, seven men and a woman artists from the Chongqing Tongliang Dragon Dance Team danced with a arena dragon mixed with golden, red and blue, 15-meter-long in length, demonstrating tall, swift and vigorous magnificent sight.

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To tie in with the New Year's atmosphere and further enhance the ornamental value, the Tongliang Dragon has been retrofitted with LED gravity sensing light source. When performing, the dragon head and tail all emitted bright light with the intensity and speed of playing.

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In the early morning of the same day, the Tongliang Long Dance Dance Team also boarded the crystal ball scene and accepted a live interview with Fox Television and New York Television Channel 1.

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