Taking Sightseeing ferries

from Chaotianmen to Ciqikou

26th January 2018



Yuzhong District will strive to be one of the first domestic tourism demonstration pilots, and provide more places for entertaining in the future.


Sightseeing ferries from Chaotianmen to Ciqikou

作為重慶城市旅遊的目的地,渝中區承載著“山水之都·美麗重慶”的核心內涵。 2018年,該區將重點發展旅遊業,努力成為國際著名的旅遊目的地。

As the destination of urban tourism in Chongqing, Yuzhong District bears the core connotation of “Chongqing, a beautiful city with mountains and rivers”. In 2018, the district will focus on tourism development and upgrading and strive to be an internationally famous tourism destination.

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It was reported that Yuzhong District will produce new tourist routes in 2018. It will provide three sightseeing ferries from Chaotianmen to Ciqikou, with each ferry able to hold 350 passengers. The one-way distance is 16km, and it will take about 50-60 minutes to sail upstream, and about 45 minutes to sail downstream. Tourists can appreciate the scenery along the route.


In addition, Yuzhong District will provide Wi-Fi for free at the Grade A scenic areas, and plans to build 5A scenic areas along Hongyan routes, and promote the Yangtze River Cableway, Times Paradise and Baixiang Street to be the national 4A scenic areas.

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Build 15 special landmarks of business, tourism and culture


In promoting the tourism construction and development, Yuzhong District will build 15 special landmarks for business,

tourism and culture.

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As planned, Yuzhong District will launch 15 development pilot projects integrating business, tourism and culture including Shibati and Luzumiao. Then, the projects will focus on different areas including craftsman culture, immigration culture, civil culture and port opening culture based on different gentle pulses of history and meme.

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Dongshuimen Old Street and Huguang Guild will provide intangible cultural heritage performances and exhibitions. Zhongshan 4th Road, Sanceng Road and others will introduce original folk songs, and Yuzhong District will highlight cultural nuances by rich activities to show the unique characteristics.


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