The 2017 Tourism Industry Meeting of the Italy National Tourism Agency Held at Chongqing

On October 23, the 2017 Italy Tourism Industry Meeting, hosted by the ENIT (Italy National Tourism Agency), opened in Chongqing. In late October, the ENIT and 11 local tourism resource providers shared the latest tourist routes and discount information during the one-to-one meeting.

11 member representatives from Chongqing attended the Tourism Industry Meeting held in the ENIT China Office, including tourism companies, hotel corporations, and international travel agencies.

As an important destination in European travel, Italy ranks in the top 10 Most Popular Travel Destinations in Europe, according to statistics from the first half of 2017, placing the cities of Luoma and Milan among the Top 10 Most Popular Overseas Travel Destinations. With the expanded number of flights and charter flights to Europe in second- and third-tier cities, tourists from China feel travel to Italy is more flexible and convenient. Generally speaking, Chinese tourists tend to book more in-depth tours, and these traveling choices have become increasingly popular in Italy during 2017. With the coming of the 2018 China - European Union tourism year, there will additional activities and good news.

2017 is ‘the year of towns’ in Italy. In addition to the big cities, such as Luoma and Milan, many small towns that are like the jewels on the boot-shaped country are also worth a visit. Every District has many small towns that are relatively unknown, but have beautiful scenery and long history, making them unique and mysterious.

So far in China, ENIT has a representative office in Beijing which covers the entire Chinese market. The China Representative Office of ENIT shares Italy’s tourism culture and customs with tourists in China via social media, such as Weibo and Wechat, communicates with people who love Italy through online and offline activities, and promotes business cooperation between the tourism industry companies of China and Italy through promotional meetings and exhibitions at the same time.

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