The 33th China Adolescents Science & Technology Innovation Contest in Chongqing

20th August 2018


The 33th China Adolescents Science & Technology Innovation Contest opened in Chongqing Expo center on 15th August. It’s noted that all the events are arranged according to subjects sections as social science, physics, astronomy science, engineering and etc., and for the contestants, they nearly have fully prepared before all the contests.


This contest is co-sponsored by China Association for science and technology, Ministry of education, Ministry of Science and technology, Ministry of Ecology and environment, State Physical Culture Administration, State intellectual property office, National science foundation, The central committee of the communist young league, ACWF (All China Women’s Federation) and Chongqing Municipal People’s Government, the themes of this contest is Innovation Experience Growth.

This year, its contestants are from all regions including Hong Kong, Macau and Tai wan area, which consist of 470 teenagers and 201 scientific and technical tutors from 35 representatives. In the meantime, more than 57 countries and 350 international representatives are invited to participate in contest.


During the contest there are some concurrent competitions like Youth Science & Technology innovation contests, “Belt and road” teenager science summer camp, International Science & Technology exchange forum and etc., which increase the interest and interaction of the Contests.

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