The 7th Performance Season Brought Great Performances of both Home and Abroad

28th August 2018



The Chongqing performance season began in 2008 and was hosted by the Publicity Department of the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee and the Chongqing Culture Commission. It has been successfully held for six times so far, with a large number of outstanding works at home and abroad being able to enter the mountain city.

On August 27, the 7th Chongqing Performance Season was officially launched. Compared with previous years, this season has undergone major changes in its form in accordance of four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the performances will render people watch "wonderful performance every month with different themes of each season and enjoy the performance throughput the whole year.

It is said said that during the entire year of the performance season, a total of 40 outstanding repertoires will be played, with 10 topics each time. The performance groups are from both home and abroad, including acrobatics, symphonies, musicals, dance dramas and dramas.

According to reports, in the first performance of the season, themed "Cool Golden Autumn - 2018 Native and Foreign Famous Masterpieces Show in Autumn", 10 plays are half in Chinese and half in foreign languages.

The five foreign repertoires include the great American circus "Sogno Circus Dreams & Circus Toys"; the Kazakhstan National Philharmonic Orchestra "Silk Road Xinghai - Tour of Xian Xinghai Music Works"; the original American Broadway classical musical "Chicago", the Japanese Matsuyama Ballet "The White-haired Girl" and the French National Symphony Orchestra Concert. In terms of domestic repertoire, the stage plays of “War Horse"(jointly played by The National Theatre of Britain and National Theater of China) and "Liao Zhai" played by Zhang Aijia and Wang Yaoqing are also highly expected.

"Sogno Circus Dreams & Circus Toys"
September 12, 13, 19, 20
Chongqing International Circus City
Silk Road Xinghai - Tour of Xian Xinghai Music Works"
September 20
Chongqiing Grand Theatre
October 3
Chongqiing Grand Theatre
"The White-haired Girl"
October 13
Chongqiing Grand Theatre
“War Horse"
October 19
Guotai Art Center
French National Symphony Orchestra Concert
October 24
Chongqiing Grand Theatre
Where to buy the tickets?
1. Guotai Art Center
Address:No. 1 Linjiang Road, Yuzhong District
Tel:63860588 63860599
2. Chongqing Performance Art Group
Address:No. 69, Baibai Road, Yuzhong District
Tel:63808600 63808700
3. Fuling GrandTheatre
Address:Liangjiang Square, No. 2, Section 2, Binjiang Avenue, Fuling District
Tel:72771522 72770533

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