The Chongqing International Women's Half Marathon Comes back

25th July 2018


In Chongqing If there is a marathon can endorse for beautiful girls in this city Then it must goes to The Chongqing International Women's Half Marathon


Recently, the press conference of SHERO·Chongqing International Women's Half Marathon 2018 was held in the Nan’an District, and the Organizing Committee announced that the marathon will be started at 8:30 on October 28 at Nanbin Road.


If you want participate in this marathon You can enroll from 19th Only you can visit the official website of the marathon ( or can follow the WeChat official account of the "SHERO重庆国际女子半程马拉松赛" (SHERO Chongqing International Women's Half Marathon).

All the projects are based on first-come-first served basis This year the scale of marathon will be 10,000 participants, It includes half marathon (21.0975 km), 10-kilometer run, mini run and mini family run, with no more than 2,500 participants, 2,700 participants, 3,000 participants, and 900 teams (2 participants per team) respectively. They will start from Nanbin Park.

What’s more? The organizer will provide shuttle bus of Line 3 in order to bring you to the sports field conveniently. After the marathon, there also will be an award ceremony, which provide the stage for the citizens

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