The First Snow In 2018

In New Year We Still Love Snow

6th January 2018


Romantic snowing picture is not exclusive to northerners. Right now, many attractions in Chongqing have met their first falling snow in the new year. Let’s look back the tourist attractions with snow scenery. See where you can go!

Wuling Mountain, Fuling

The First Snow In 2018-1

The local area has ushered in the first snow of this year. You can enjoy the sunrise, sea of clouds and sunset.And experiencing the Buddhist culture and the Pakistani culture is a good choice too.

Local specialties: gyrophora, kiwi, mushrooms, agaric, ganoderma lucidum.

Huang’an Dam, Chengkou

The First Snow In 2018-2

High altitude scenic spots with magnificent snow view currently. Stone Phoenix, Swan Pond, Mandarin Duck Lake, Fairy Cave and other attractions are offered.

The scenic area is under construction and development.Pay attention to safety and warmth. Make sure to do a good preparation job in case accommodation is limited.

Hongchi Dam, Wuxi

The First Snow In 2018-3

Recently, Hongchi Dam has been overlaid with light snow weather. You can enjoy the alpine snowfield, snow landscape and view Three Colors Pond and Cold Summer Cave. Or maybe living in wooden cottages is tempting enough.

Local specialties: Hongchi American ginseng, honey, mead, wilderness beef jerky and mountain goat milk soup.

Chuanghegai Xiushan

The First Snow In 2018-4

There was snowfall last month. Recently it’s only cloudy days without snow. Natural caves and stone carving has formed the Comb Mountain, Jagged Rocks and other natural attractions.

Jinfo Mountain

The First Snow In 2018-5

When the mountains are covered with snow, and the wide open forests wear fairyland-like silver dress, a magnificent snowy scene displays in front of us. Standing in top hill, Jinfo Mountain at snowfall keeps silent however catch our sight.

Wulong Fairy Mountain

The First Snow In 2018-6

The Wulong Fairy Mountain National Forest Park, which belongs to the Wuling Mountains, is famous for its unique charm of the mountain grassland, the rare forestland snowfields in South China, and the breathtaking scenery of breezy jungle.

More spots:

Nantian Lake

The First Snow In 2018-7

Simian Mountain

The First Snow In 2018-8


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