The First Surveying and Mapping Themed Park
in Chongqing

16th March 2018


Construction for Chongqing Surveying and Mapping Culture Park, the first one in Chongqing, has completed, and this park has been opened to the public for free since March 8. Reporters learned from the Landscape Bureau of Liangjiang New Area.



With the theme of surveying and mapping, the designer adopted sculptures as its form of expression and combined the cultural landscape with its surrounding environment, demonstrating the profound history and culture of surveying and mapping in Chongqing, China, and the world.


Located in Liangjiang, the park covers an area of 200 mu (13.33 hectares). There are theme sculptures, running tracks, and giant lakes, joining together to create a pleasant environment with various functions.



"After reconstructing and upgrading the former Qingyu Sports Park, this new park facilitates the popularization of sciences and offers a place for learning as well as relaxation," a manager with the landscape bureau said.


Based on the features of its land formations, the park has a layout of "one road, one ring." "The road of mapping culture", its main road, is in coordination with the "ring of mapping time", the lane around a lake, with various scenic spots scattered between them.



Topography is an important part of China's cultural heritage, and the park, with its comprehensive and interactive functions, is a park as well as an outdoor topography museum. It enriches local residents' lives while improving Liangjiang's landscape.


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