The Jinfo Mountain “Camp Music Festival” begins on 14th July

17th July 2018


The Nanchuan Jinfo Mountain “Camp Music Festival” began on July 14th. People from all around the area enjoyed the passionate music, various shows, excellent food and wines, and found hot summer relief through cool alpine camping. The camp music festival will last for over 2 months, and everyone is welcomed.


Let’s check the schedule:

Opening ceremony of Camp Music Festival

Time: July 14th, 2018

Venue: Parking lot of Western gate, Jinfo Mountain

You are warmly invited to enjoy the exciting opening ceremony, which will last the whole day. In the day time you can watch the football game match, freestyle football, and various shows and go rock climbing, and in the evening there will be a famous band to perform a live show to let


you relax with live music and a football show while enjoying refreshments.

DJ Music Party

Time: From July 14th to September 1st (Every Friday and Saturday Night)
Venue: Spring Wave Pool
During the festival, Spring Wave Poor will hold a spring DJ Electronic Music party where you can enjoy music while bathing in the hot spring. There will be 16 exciting shows for visitors with the aim to give you an unforgettable experience this summer.

Jinfo Mountain Original Themed Music Competition

Time: July 14th and 15th; From July 20th-September 1st (Every Friday and Saturday night) 16 matches in total

One of the most important parts of the Camp Music Festival, the original theme music competition opens the door to everyone who likes music and singing. In this competition the organizers will invite famous singers or bands as judges.


Wet Summer

Time: From July 14th to September 1st (Every Friday and Saturday)
Venue: Along the Tianxing Town to Tianxing Hotspring Town
With10 super pools and costumes to challenge you with the coolest and the most exciting splash battle in the world, and you can scream and enjoy yourself endlessly.


Deluxe RV Camping

Time: July 14th - September 1st, 2018
Venue: Parking lot of Western gate, Camping base, Sanxian basketball playground

If you’re tired of living in the high buildings in the city, this is the best place for you to experience a different lifestyle. Here, you can enjoy unique natural scenery and many rare animals and plants. In the evening, the fireflies in the forest make it even more attractive.


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