The Past And The Future

Changshou Cable Car

12th December 2017


纜車是獨特的交通工具之一 是難舍的情結 更是傳承著是一代人的記憶…… 而長壽纜車更是一個特別的存在

As one of the unique transportation means The cable car is hard to be left behind It bears the memory of one generation The Changshou cable car is A even more special existence

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長壽纜車站位於 重慶市長壽區鳳城街道望江路社區

Changshou cable car station is located Wangjiang Rd community Fengcheng Street

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長壽纜車 於1964年建成通車 至今已有53年的歷史

Changshou, Chongqing And the Changshou cable car Is opened to public in 1964 53 years of history so far

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纜車全長282米 是西南地區最長 坡度最陡的纜車

Length of 282 meters It is the longest in southwest China As well as the steepest

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ta連接城區望江路和河街 是長壽最特別的一種交通方式 更是一道獨特靚麗的風景線

It connects Wangjiang Rd and River Rd Famous for the most special transportation And a unique beautiful landscape

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在纜車運行下方 三道拐的美景盡收眼底

It offers panoramic view of Sandaoguai (Three Turnings) Beneath the cable car

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2016年1月26日 長壽纜車運行中發生異響

經相關專業機構檢測 認定驅動輪因使用時間已長達26年 受力較大導致輪體出現多處裂紋

January 26, 2016 Abnormal noise occurs during the operation Detected by the relevant professional institutions It has been determine with a large force resulting in multiple wheel body cracks Because the drive wheel has been used for up to 26 years

不過 值得我們高興的是 長壽纜車即將繼續恢復使用

However To much of our joy Changshou cable car will be made use of soon

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目前 改造修復工程的拆除工作已完成 進入纜車車廂、機房維修階段 所有工作將於2018年春節前完成 交於國家索檢中心安全檢測後 小夥伴們就又可以繼續免費乘坐啦

Currently Demolition and renovation have been completed And the work has gone Into the cable car compartment And engine room maintenance phase All work will be completed by the Spring Festival in 2018 After a security testing By the National Cable Inspection Center We can go to Changshou Enjoy the free of charge old transportaion!

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