The ticket price of rail transit Line 4 and Loop Line released

17th September 2018



Yesterday, the Municipal Price Bureau issued a notice about the price of first phase of Rail Transit Line 4 and the northeast section of the Loop Line. Its estimated that at the end of the year, the Tangjiatuo-Min'an Avenue and Chongqing Library-Haixia Road will have a soft opening, and the initiate rate will be set as 2 yuan.

Thereinto, the fare ticket of line 4 from taking from Tangjiatuo to Min'an Avenue will be set as 4 RMB. And for taking traffic loop line from Chongqing Library to Haixia Road, the ticket fare will be set as 7 yuan.


It’s noted by the government, Passenger fare standard for the first phase of Line 4 and the northeast segment of the Loop Line is implemented in accordance with the passenger fare standards for the operated rail transit lines. Which shown as below:

initiate rate 2 yuan for 0-6 km,
3 yuan for 6-11 km
4 yuan for 11-17 km
5 yuan for 17-24 km
6 yuan for 24-32 km
7 yuan for 32-41 km
8 yuan for 41-51 km
9 yuan for 51-63 km
10 yuan for more than 63km


In the meantime, the preferential treatment policy of the first phase of Line 4 and the northeast segment of the Loop Line is the same as other operated rail transit lines in Chongqing.

The fare price will be implemented on the date of the opening of the first phase of line 4 and the northeast segment of the Loop Line.

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