Tips for 2018 Chongqing Smart China Expo

23th August 2018


Tips for 2018 Chongqing Smart China Expo-1

"Smart Technology: Empowering Economy, EnrichingLife"

August 23rd 2018 -- August 25th 2018 25

Chongqing International Expo Center

Take Subway Line 6 to Guobo

Tips for 2018 Chongqing Smart China Expo-2

Entrance to the Expo is free, and you can get access with your information registered. Following steps will show you how to do this in advance.

①Registration on the Official Website

1. Visitor Registration

2. Complete your information

3. Q&R for entrance

②Registration on the APP

1、Download APP of

2、Click “我的” at the bottom

3、Complete your information

4、Enter the website from “首页”

5、Visitor Registration and get Q&R for entrance

The Q&R is only for the one who registered

The exhibition area will be 150,000 square meters, with a30,000-square-meter plaza featuring smart technology applications scenarios such as smart medical care, smart homes, and smart entertainment.

Different forums will be held, including The global 100 for digital economy forum, the international city mayor round table, the Alibaba 2018 Chongqing summit, the Tencent cloud + future professional forum, the forum of the application and development, the HuaWei Cloud Computing forum, the information security development Forum, the forum on innovation and development, the financial science and technology forum etc.

How can you locate the exact place inside the area?

Navigation for different forums

1.Follow theWeChat subscription number of “智博会SCE”

2. Click navigation“展馆导航”

3. Choose navigation inside the Expo“展馆内部导航”

4. Search the name of forums

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