Touching Mother Nature

“Forest & Me” Theme Exhibition

10th January 2018


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Recently, the “Forest & Me” Theme Exhibition from Taiwan was announced to open at the Chongqing Science and Technology Museum, located in the first floor of A area. It’s an outcome after co-working between the museum, National Science and Technology Museum and National Taiwan University. By touching wood, observing tree rings, and playing games, visitors can step much more close to the forest in city and walk into their daily life. People in Chongqing are lucky enough to be the first batch of visitors seeing this Exhibition in mainland China.

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“Forest and Me”is divided into three themes: management of forest sustainability, time mark of tree ring, and human usage of resource. Different yet rich displays place us to a lively forest environment, introducing what we can do to protect forests, and what forest resources are used in daily life. The Exhibition once was held in Taiwan and highly praised. This Exhibition held in Chongqing has over 250 exhibits including wood, lacquer ware, handiwork and others brought from Taiwan.


This Exhibition will continue until June 3, 2018, and Chongqing people can participate in the related theme activities for free.

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