Visit Unique Villages and Towns in Chongqing by Maps

14th September 2018


“Regulations on Protection of Famous Historical and Cultural Cities, Towns and Villages in Chongqing” entered into force on September 1. Recently, Chongqing Planning Bureau together with Geographic Information Center released some maps detailing the regulation. With these maps, you can know various famous historical and cultural cities, towns and villages that are scattered around Chongqing.


Map of Traditional Villages in Chongqing


Chongqing, surrounded by mountains and divided by rivers, came into being 3000 years ago and had its name 800 years ago. It has rich history, culture and traditions as well as excellent spirit. Chongqing was officially put in a list of cultural and historical famous cities as a second batch published by the State Council in 1986.

Map of Historical and Cultural Famous Towns in Chongqing


Due to Chongqing’s unique terrain, towns in Chongqing are planned skillfully around the corner edges of the mountains. As of now, there are 46 historical and cultural famous towns in Chongqing, including 18 national historical and cultural famous towns, and 28 municipal historical and cultural famous towns. Houses in most of these towns are traditional pillar-supported dwellings and chuandou houses (houses of Gelao people). These houses are simple and built from materials readily available. Walls of these houses are mostly siding walls or bay walls and many of the roofs are covered with grey tiles or overhanging gables, with one or two poles protruding the eaves. The streets are well-organized and planned adequately, and a unique picture of the towns are formed together with the picturesque mountains and rivers

Map of Historical and Cultural Famous Villages in Chongqing


In Chongqing, a list of 29 famous cultural and historical villages is published. Anzhen Village in Qingyang Town, Fuling is the national one, and the other 28 villages are municipal.

In addition, 6 historical and cultural streets including 1 national, 5 municipal and 20 traditional feature areas in Chongqing are published. Five types of traditional feature areas are available: traditional Chongqing, immigrants of Ming and Qing Dynasties, port and market opening, provisional capital during the anti-Japanese war and southwest region.


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