When Chongqing Meet Times Square

At New Year’s Eve

12th December 2017


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On December 31, Chongqing will debut the New Year's Countdown to New York City's Times Square, bringing a cultural feast for the New York citizens and audience around the world on the theme of "Chongqing, a beautiful city with mountains and rivers."

When Chongqing Meet Times Square-1New Year’s Countdown


By then, artists from Chongqing will bring the dragon dance performances as the main line of cultural songs and dances. China Tongliang Dragon Dance will open event, add to the festival is another Chongqing element- "Three Gorges Song".

When Chongqing Meet Times Square-2Dragon Dance

When Chongqing Meet Times Square-3Tongliang Dragon Dance

When Chongqing Meet Times Square-4Yangtze River Songs

同時12月31日當天,精彩的重慶表演會在紐約時報廣場1號樓巨型TOSHIBA LED和周邊六塊大螢幕上即時轉播,通過美國與中國等多國的眾多媒體現場直播與轉播報導。

At the same time, on December 31, the wonderful performance will be broadcast live on the giant TOSHIBA LED at No. 1 Times Square in New York Times Square, as well as six large screens in the surrounding area. And there’ll be live broadcasts and rebroadcasts of numerous media in the United States, China and many other countries.

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Recently, the organizers announced the program, causing widespread coverage of PRNW, NBC, CBS , Facebook, Twitter and other world-renowned media and platforms. According to statistics, at present, a total of 244 articles have been reported and reprinted by foreign media, covering 81,993,073 people in all, including various industries such as transportation, tourism and business weekly.

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