Wingsuit Formation Flight
Challenges Cloud-covered Bridge!

10th April 2018


Do you remember the jump into the sky above the Yunyang Longgang scenic spot on April 9th, 2016 by Zhang Shupeng, the first wingsuit flyer in China? Do you remember the excitement of the tourists cheering at the Cloud-covered Bridge? Yes, that was the first time that the Chinese successfully challenged the world’s first cantilevered glass covered bridge, by wingsuit flying.



Time flies, and the flying man returns! Two years after the moment which made Chinese people proud, Zhang Shupeng, the first person in China to do wingsuit flying, will once again come to Chongqing Yunyang Longgang scenic spot, with the world's top wingsuit pilots from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Chile, and Venezuela to have a wingsuit formation flight for the first time in Chongqing.



Chongqing's first large-scale wingsuit formation flight challenges cloud-covered bridge

重慶首次大規模編隊翼裝飛行 集體挑戰雲端廊橋

Zhang Shupeng was the first Asian flying man to challenge the bridge on April 9th, 2016 in Longgang. The wingsuit flying show on April 15th will be the first collective formation wingsuit flying performance in Chongqing. There will be a larger number of participants, more difficulties in performing in formations, and it will also last longer.


In order to increase the visibility of the air show, the formation pilots will form the “人” and “一” formations in the air for the audience to appreciate. Afterwards, the formation will start diving from high altitude, and at a speed of about 200km/h through the cloud-covered bridge. Finally, when their altitude has dropped to about 300 meters, the parachutes will be sequentially opened and they will land on the preset floating platform on the Shisun River of Longgang to complete the challenge.



The world's top flying men gathered in Yunyang

全球頂尖飛者齊聚雲陽 龍缸上空“星光燦爛”

At present, among the athletes who have been confirmed to participate in this wingsuit flying show, there are many Hollywood bigwigs of wingsuit flying and professional flyers who used to be helicopter and warplane pilots. The 37-year-old James Boole, the wingsuit flying photographer of the Hollywood movie Point Break, is not only a top-level low-altitude wingsuit pilot, but also a high-altitude photographer. This time, James will personally carry out the photography to record the exciting moments of the "new point breakers" challenging the cloud-covered bridge by wingsuit flying.

目前,已經確定參加此次翼裝飛行表演的運動員中,不乏好萊塢翼裝大腕和出身直升機、戰鬥機駕駛員的職業翼裝飛行選手。現年37歲,曾擔綱美國好萊塢極限大片《極盜者》翼裝飛行空中攝影師的詹姆斯·波爾(James Boole),不僅是一名頂級水準的低空翼裝飛行員,還是一名高空攝影師。曾參加2004年莫斯科奧斯坦金諾電視塔低空跳和2010年義大利Mount Brento 21-way懸崖跳等多項低空定點跳傘,創造世界紀錄而被世人熟知。此次,詹姆斯將親自執行空中翼裝環繞跟拍任務,以好萊塢全球最頂級的高空翼裝飛行拍攝技巧,全程記錄“新極盜者們”翼裝挑戰雲端廊橋的精彩瞬間。


Carson Klein from the United States was the pioneer of the U.S. parachute skiing. He has completed a total of 10,000 parachuting and wingsuit flights and won the World Wingsuit Flying Championships of 2016 and 2017. Rob Heron from Canada and Carlos from Venezuela are also among the top ten participants in the World Wingsuit Flying Championships. Both of them are professional wingsuit pilots and coaches.

來自美國的卡爾森·克萊恩(Carson Klein)是美國快傘滑雪運動的先行者,從事跳傘和飛行運動長達19年,共計完成跳傘和翼裝飛行一萬餘次,曾獲得2016年、2017年翼裝飛行世錦賽的冠亞軍。而來自加拿大的羅伯特·赫倫(Rob Heron)和來自委內瑞拉的卡洛斯也是翼裝飛行世錦賽前十名選手,兩人均為職業翼裝飛行員和教練員。

The most legendary one is Sebastian Alvarez from South America, Chile. He began surfing at the age of 12. At the age of 18, he put down his surfboard and put on a uniform to become a pilot of the Chilean Air Force. However, after experiencing wingsuit flying, he fell in love with it. Currently, Sebastian has completed more than 450 fixed-parachute jumps and more than 400 wingsuit flights.

尤具傳奇色彩的則是來自南美洲智利的塞巴斯蒂安·阿爾瓦雷茲(Sebastian Alvarez)。他12歲開始練習衝浪,並代表智利參加青年錦標賽。18歲時,放下衝浪板的塞巴斯蒂安換上軍裝,成為一名智利空軍的直升飛機和F-16戰鬥機飛行員。但在接觸了翼裝飛行後便一發不可收拾,從此徹底愛上翼裝飛行運動。目前,塞巴斯蒂安已完成了超過450次定點跳傘和400餘次翼裝飛行。


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