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Golden Rape Flowers in Tongnan

01th March 2018


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A fantastic spring tour begins from Tongnan. On March 2nd, the Tongnan Rape Flower Festival will open at Tai Chi Square, Chongkan Town, Tongnan District.

Giant earth art landscape for a Tai Chi performance will be delivered, while new technologies — including VR, AR and glass-free 3D — are also used to provide a 360° panorama for visitors. In addition, visitors may take small jet trains and rowboats to visit the sea of rape flowers and taste the “18 characteristic cuisines of Tongnan”.

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Upgrade: “Tai Chi performance” on the “eight diagrams”

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Ten characteristic rape flower festivals have been held successfully in Tongnan in recent years, and the Tongnan Rape Flower Festival has become a renowned brand for rural leisure tourism nationwide. So what new ideas can we find this year?

The rape flower festival this year will further exploit the Chen Tuan Tai Chi culture and the culture of health preserving. In spite of the existing landscapes such as Tai Chi Ancient Town, the Tai Chi Diagram formed by rape flowers (diameter: 236m) and Wind and Rain Gallery Bridge, an “Eight Diagram” (diameter: 118m) and Earth Art Landscape for Tai Chi performance (width: 75m) will be added. Xiyi Palace, a Taoist temple in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, has also been rebuilt.

In addition, direct tour buses from Longtousi, Chenjiaping, Caiyuanba and University Town to Chen Tuan’s Hometown Scenic Area have been put into service, while the internal tour route has also been optimized.

Numerous activities: taking trains and rowboats and idling away in seeking pleasure

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Themed on “Appreciating Flowers in Spring, Picking Fruits in Summer, Collecting Vegetables in Autumn and Celebrating Festivals in Winter”, the Tongnan Rape Flower Festival will deliver a “flower fair for four seasons”.

To provide more experience for visitors, the Tongnan government has built a 4km railway and purchased jet trains and 17 rowboats to realize the visitors’ dream to appreciate flowers on the Qiongjiang River. In addition, by adopting new technologies including VR, AR and glass-free 3D, this Rape Flower Festival will provide an opportunity for visitors to appreciate the flowers in 360°.

Cuisines always come along with landscape. During this years Tongnan Rape Flower Festival, activities such as Flower Field Gourmet Festival and “Car Fans in Flower Sea” Barbeque Party will also be held. Besides, visitors may also try “18 characteristic cuisines of Tongnan” including Taian Fish and Fried Chicken Leg Meat.

From: Hello Chongqing

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