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Hundreds years ago, deep in Da Ba Mountain there inhabited a group of people named the same - Kang, besides them flow by a river named after the rare family name. That's the reason why this wonderland is called Kang Gu as well. Maybe it's the landform too difficult to change, or probably people choose to follow ancient lifestyle. Time went by, the rare family name extincted but Kang River lasts still and Kang Gu stays the way it is.

Within one hour driving (39 Kilometers) away from east Chengkou county will you arrive Da Ba Mountain. Kang Gu lies in the vally, in shape of a strip stretching to north from south, length in 35 kilometers. Stepping into Kang Gu then you drop into green. Various plants, sum up to 3800 kinds are well - preserved here, 197 of which are even national key protections, 137 kinds tree mainly composed of arbor and mizuki.

Kang River is the core of Kang Gu. Sometimes it calms like mirror. Sometimes it excites like army. In summer time, tourists come all over around, drifting down the stream. Primitive life doesn’t mean boring instead it’s colorful. Here you can not only enjoying dancing around campfire but also taste original ecological food.

据传,亢谷景区因古时亢河两岸亢姓人家居多而得名,如今亢河沿线的亢姓已消失得无影无踪,亢谷得名却因此而源远流长。或许是 地处深山深处,亦或是这里的人无意于改变,千年后“亢”式一姓业已消失,亢河之水仍长流于此,亢谷也不曾改变。



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