Ciqikou Ancient Town

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Ciqikou was first built in Song dynasty and became prosperous during the Republican period. Located beside the Jialing River, Ciqikou was crowded a busy port with merchants and peddlers, so it was called “Little Chongqing”.

These days, Ciqikou is the only ancient town in Chongqing and attracts crowds of visitors daily, making the town as busy as it used to be.
Duck blood curb in chili sauce, bean curd sheets, peanuts with pepper and salt are just three of the specialties to be found. Handmade fried dough twist or Mahua, also makes a good gift for the family. “Chen Mahua” is the most famous.

While shops selling snacks, decorations, and toys crowd the main street, teahouses, theatres and fortunetellers can be found in those small alleys.

Ciqikou Chongqing
Chonqing Ciqikou

How to get there

You could take Line 1 to Ciqikou Station.

Chongqing Ciqikou
Pirce & Time
8:00 AM to 9:00 PM

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