Jinfo Mountain

Jinfo Mountain
  • World Heritage
  • Natural Landscape
Jinfo Mountain

Jinfo Mountain is located in the Nanchuan District, 177 km from downtown. The main peak Wind Ridge is 2251 meters above sea level. Breathtaking and magnificent scenery includes lakes, streams, cliffs, stone, forest, springs and caves; both serene and dangerous at the same time.

Jinfo Mountain is also a treasure-house of plant gene with many the rare varieties and some 500 kinds of animals, including many protected species. Jinfo Mountain is a national 5A tourism scenic spot, features distinct Karst geomorphologic landscape and abundant biological diversity. Therefore, it is listed in World Natural Heritage.

Jinfo Mountain Chongqing
Chonqing Jinfo Mountain
Pirce & Time
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
March-November.: 156 RMB(Including Bus,Cable car and the ticket)
December-February: 140 RMB(Including Bus,Cable car and the ticket)
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