Zouma ancient town

  • Cultural Attractions


The used-to-be business station in Jiulongpo originated since the middle Ming Dynasty, when merchants from Yuzhou and Chengdu are provided with no other channels access to both sides but Zouma Ancient Town.

The remaining ancient post road, old neighborhood, blacksmith’s, original tea house, ancient theater stage, the Sun’s Yard and Ciyun Temple site... No wonder why it’s ranked in the foruth list of “Famous Historical and Cultural Towns” released by the State Council. Immerse yourself into the slow rhythm in Zouma Ancient town. Story tellers under sky reaching trees are surrounded by curious crowds, and then audience cry out “wow” as the plot goes into highlight. Tea house can be found just everywhere. Locals have developed the long-lasting habit of drinking tea a whole morning or afternoon.

Each month at 2nd, 5th, and 8th are time for bazaar. People come and by, shoulder to jaw, with carrying poles on shoulders and horses loading goods. Shoemakers make a series of dingdong; peddlers keep hawking for dazzled gadgets... plus all varieties of traditional architectures and handiwork stores, a vivid ancient town can’t be more touchable. When new year arrives, the streets will be stuff with dragon lanterns, flower boats, and even Lianxiao (Chongqing folk sing and dance), dragon and lion dance on stage in turns. Accompanied by loud sounding gongs and drums, firecrackers, applause, festive folks waves back and forth.




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