Pengshui A’yi River

Pengshui A’yi River,Chongqing
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Pengshui A’yi River,Chongqing

The A'yi River was originally named the Changxi (long stream) River and is about 240 km away from the Chongqing urban area. It springs from Fenshui County, Guizhou Province, and winds northeast to Pengshui County, Chongqing, before it finally flows into the Wujiang River in Wanzu County. The A'yi River scenic area is a pearl on the Wujiang River Gallery tourism line and was recognized as the top of the New Bayu 12 Sceneries, and one of the top ten scenic areas of Chongqing, making it very popular with tourists. It is typical of the Chongqing eco-tour scenic areas.

The A'yi River scenic area is a unique ecological area. You can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and witness the folk customs of the local people. Before entering the A'yi River scenic area, you can enjoy the scenery of the Muzi Stream gorge. The Muzi Stream gorge is primitive and elegant, with crystal clear water and teeming with fish.

A bamboo bridge is the main entrance to the A'yi River scenic area. Long ago, villagers made bridges with bamboos to cross the river. This method was rarely used in that area, but later, locals started calling them bamboo bridges.

The water in the A'yi River is quite clear due to its upper reach in the unpolluted mountain area. There is also a small cave called Huangyu (yellow croaker) Cave. It is an filled with yellow croakers, which quickly appear and disappear. The big yellow croaker weighs 4 or 5 kilograms and is delicious, unfortunately, these yellow croakers are quite sly and difficult to catch.

The steep cliffs of Yingwu (parrot) Gorge are divided into several parts by lush vegetation. When the weather changes here, you can see clouds and mist envelop and surround the mountains, with the peaks occasionally poking through, it is considered a paradise on earth. Under the gorge is the green stream water flowing through the valleys and forests, it is very magnificent.

What else you can find? - Drifting in A'yi River

A'yi River is almost 36 kilometers long with many fords near the bank, thus becoming a perfect resort for kayaking. The kayak journey takes about 7 hours, with 2 hours of gentle drifting and 5 hours of thrilling rapids experiences.

Best Season

The best traveling seasons are summer and autumn.

How to get there

Take bus at Chongqing North Railway Station/Jiangbei International Airport/Sogongli Traffic Hub Station to Pengshui, then take bus to A’yi River Scenic Area.

Price & Time
08:00 - 17:30 (tourist season) /8:30 - 17:30
¥100/ ¥300(drifting)

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