Goddess Peak

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Goddess Peak,Chongqing

Goddess Peak Scenic Area is about 450 km away from the Chongqing urban area. It is well known that there are twelve unique peaks along the Wu Gorge. The most prominent of them is the Goddess Peak (Shennu Peak). The peak earns its name from its appearance, resembling a beautiful and pious maiden standing gracefully on the northern bank. Goddess Peak is the highest of the twelve peaks. It is the first to greet the sun and the last to see it off at sunset, for which it has earned another name - Wangxia Peak (Looking Sunglow Peak).

For thousands of years, people have told many legends about the Goddess Peak. Among the most popular is this: In prehistoric times, there lived many fairies in the palace of heaven. Among them was a particularly clever and beautiful one called Yao Ji. During Mid-Autumn Festival, she invited her eleven sisters to visit the mortal world, as she felt lonely in heaven. When they arrived at the Wu Gorge, they encountered Yu the Great, who controlled the flood there. Moved by his spirit, Yao Ji decided to help by sending him a sealed book relating secrets to controlling water. However, before she delivered the book to Dayu, she and her sisters were caught by soldiers from heaven. In order to help Yu the Great, they broke the chain used to tie them and returned to the earth. With the help of Yao Ji and her eleven sisters, the flood was finally overcome. From then, Yao Ji and her sisters remained in the Three Gorges area and helped the the locals tame the water. They forgot to return to heaven and turned into the twelve elegant peaks that line the banks of the Wu Gorge. Shennu Peak is the incarnation of Yao Ji.

Also known as "Beauty Stream" by locals, Shennu Stream is a fast-flowing stream with a narrow channel. Here, tourists can view the amazing scenery of the narrow gorges, steep mountains, and hear some local histories.

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