Qutang Gorge

Qutang Gorge,Chongqing
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Qutang Gorge,Chongqing

Qutang Gorge, is about 400 km away from the Chongqing urban area, the shortest and most majestic of the Three Gorges, winds five miles from Baidi City in Fengjie County to Daxi Town in Wushan County. The two banks of the gorge contain numerous scenic spots.

Immediately downstream from the ancient village Baidicheng the Yangtze River passes between Chijia Mountain on the north and Baiyan Mountain on the south at a point called the Kuimen Gate that serves as the entrance to the Qutang Gorge - the first of the three Yangtze gorges. With a length of only 8 KM (5 mi) Qutang Gorge is also the narrowest of the Three Gorges, measuring only 150 meters (500 ft) at its widest point. The mountains on either side reach as high as 1,200 meters (4,000 ft). The combination of a narrow canyon with several switchbacks between the high mountains, creates spectacular vistas, and the Qutang Gorge is often considered the most beautiful of the Three Gorges.

The best traveling seasons are spring and autumn.

Sights around Qutang Gorge: Ancient Plank Road, Bellows Gorge (Feng Xiang Xia), Daxi Culture Heritage Site, Iron Lock Pass (Tie Suo Guan), Meng Liang Stairway and Hanging Monk Rock...

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You can see the most dramatic and gorgeous views of the Qutang Gorgewith any Yangtze Cruise Ship, including Victoria Cruises, New Century Cruises and President Cruises. Both upstream and downstream cruises will take you to the Qutang Gorge.

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