Tiankeng Difeng Scenic Spot

Tiankeng Difeng Scenic Spot,Chongqing
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Tiankeng Difeng Scenic Spot,Chongqing

About 200 km away from the Chongqing urban area, the Tiankeng Difeng Scenic Spot is a colorful painting, where visitors can see various kinds of karst landforms, such as stone forests, the hoodoo, caves, lacunas, natural bridges, blind valleys, and others. The most famous are the Xiaozhai Tiankeng, which ranks first in the world, and the mysterious Difeng, which has a peculiar scene. These landforms attract many visitors who come to marvel at the beauty of nature. Meanwhile, the clear streams, primitive grasslands, and lush forests compose a magnificent fairyland.

So far, scientists have found the biggest tunnels, the Xiaozhai Tiankeng and Tianjingxia Difeng, whose width to narrow ratio is tops in the world, as well as the Longqiao River which, while not clearly defined, is a world-class underground river. It is unknown how many caves are in the Tiankeng-Difeng or if there is other amazing world class scenermystery still to discover.

Tiankeng Difeng Scenic Spot,Chongqing

The tourist resources of the Tiankeng Difeng Scenic Spot have excellent characteristics, and the tourist infrastructure is perfect, helping the scenic spot become the tourism leader in the Three Gorges area. In February 2006, the Tiankeng Difeng Scenic Spot was listed as a “Natural National Heritage Site” and became a candidate to be listed for a World Natural Heritage site.

The best traveling seasons are spring and autumn.

Tourists should especially careful on rainy days, or avoid visiting when it’s rainy.

How to getting there

1. Take bus at Chongqing Longtousi Bus Station to Fengjie and trnsfer to Tiankeng Difeng Scenic Spot.

2. Take the Yangtze River cruise.

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