Ciqikou Ancient Town

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With 2000 meterss long, 2 meterss wide and 50 meterss high, the skywalk was made of glass with the glue in three layers, the suspending bridge with 3 centimetersss of thickness. Though it looks dangerous, it’s really spectacular and surely safe.

Besides the glass walk, there are other unique scenes for people to slow down their fast paces in city life and experience relaxing life there. Tianlong Waterfall

With 38 meterss height, Tianlong waterfall is surging forward with great momentum. Its sound is so loud and its drops look like a jade. There is a cave located under the Waterfall which looks extraordinary as if it is created by God’s power, and thanks to the location, it feels warm in winter and cool in summer.

How to get there

Address: Block 10, Shuisi Village, Lantan Town, Hechuan District, Chongqing City
Telephone: 023-42583888 / 023-42580909
Highlight: A new glass Skywalk- Tianlong valley Glass Skywalk

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