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Chongqing’s public transport system of metro, buses and taxis make it easy to get around. If you live in Chongqing, it’s a good idea to invest in an IC card. It costs 25RMB and offers 10% off all public transport including the Yangtze River cable car, 5% to 15% discounts in restaurants including CSC, Dicos, CQ Food Republic, and bakeries like Qinyuan and Huashengyuan.

Card holders also receive discounts on entrance fees to city attractions like Huayan Temple, HuGuang Guild Hall and EXPO Park and amusement venues like HBC, JinYi Cinema, BONA, SPA as well as Happy Day KTV.

Chongqing Transport


The Metro of Qing Gui as it is known in Chongqing is a combination or mono rail and light rail with 4 of the 18 lines currently operating.

Line 1, the red line, runs from Chaotianmen, in downtown Chongqing, to university town in the west of Shapingba District.

Line 2, the green line, runs from Jiaochangkou in Jiefangbei, Yuzhong District to Yudong in southern Banan District.

Line 3, the blue line, runs from Yudong in the south to Jiangbei Airport in the north connecting Longtousi Intercity Bus Station, Chongqing North Railway Station, and Chongqing Caiyuanba Railway Station and Sigongli Bus Station in the south.

Line 6, the pink line, runs from Chayuan, Nan’an district in the south to Beibei and Yuelai, Beibei district in the north. Lijia is the interchange station for trains to Yuelai.

Lines 1, 2, 3 operate from 6:30--22:30 while line 6 operates from 7:02--20:30 from Hongtudi to Beibei and 7:41--20:25 from Lijia to Yuelai.

Chongqing Transport


Chongqing Taxi
Chongqing Taxi

Chongqing’s taxis are generally convenient but between 3 and 6 pm each day they may be hard to hail down even when displaying the free sign “空车”. Flag fall is 10RMB for the first 3 kms and 2RMB per km thereafter. Drivers frequently pick up multiple fares. Useful Expressions:

Driver please take me to……….Thanks



Buses are the most comprehensive and the cheapest form of transport and usually very convenient but traffic congestion can cause major delays for both buses and taxis. Bus stations are easy to locate with start and finish times for each service. Once you know the characters of your destination you can get around without too much trouble on the buses. All the metro interchange stations are marked. Some bus stations also have LED screens so passengers can see when the next bus will be along.

If you need help, ask a younger person on the street. They may just speak a little English and will not mind helping you out.

You could also download and use Google map or Apple map app. But please guarantee that you got the VPN on your cellphone.

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